Projects at Yad Hashmona

The Biblical Archaeological Gardens

With the cooperation of the “Beit Shalom” Association in Switzerland and the Israeli Antiquity Department, a unique biblical village was constructed in 2000 at Yad Hashmona.

The garden, covering the northern hillside of the Moshav grounds, was constructed with the vision and purpose of giving visitors a glimpse into the spiritual, physical, and agricultural world of the Jewish people in the land of the Bible. It displays a variety of biblical plants and trees as well as reconstructed facilities from biblical times. The Garden includes an ancient wine press, an olive oil press, a “Mikve” (ritual bath), a burial cave, an agricultural watchtower, a Galilean-type synagogue, and a Bedouin tent.

The biblical garden is a great place to spend a morning or afternoon while visiting Israel. The skilled guides of the Garden take visitors through a 45-minute journey of Biblical stories such as Ruth and Boaz, the arc of the covenant’s journey to Jerusalem, spiritual symbolism, and the parables of the New Testament. It is a wonderful opportunity to grow in a deeper understanding of the Biblical text in a conveniently sized, and beautifully landscaped location.

Guests of the Biblical Garden and the hotel, are also welcome to sit and enjoy the sunset with an amazing view over the plains towards Tel Aviv.

Guided tours are available in various languages upon request from the Yad Hashmona hotel.

Every Shabbat the Yad Hashmona congregation meets at the Biblical Garden for Worship, prayer and Bible study. It is our vision to expand this special gathering place significantly to accommodate the many visitors who come to worship and pray with us.

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