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The moshav, a cooperative agricultural community, first came to life during Israel’s earliest waves of immigration in the 1880s. As Jews around the world sought to escape persecution and anti-Semitism, they made their way to the Promised Land, settling, and cultivating the land. This kind of first settlements were called A Moshav. 

Similar to later aliyah movements and the establishment of the kibbutz, these communities joined together and focused on agriculturally tending and building up the land.

Today, most moshavs throughout the country continue to exist in more rural areas of the country where members take communal responsibility for the village or settlement they live in. Quite a few Communal moshav’s run businesses together, such as agriculture, tourism, industries of different kinds, and more. They send their children to schools within the local jurisdictions and keep strong connections with neighboring villages.

Yad Hashmona is a communal moshav, similar to a kibbutz where members participate in committees and in the General assembly to decide about the use of the land, management of the businesses, engage in cultural activities, celebrate holidays and events together, and develop the infrastructure of the place. Through these common needs, goals, and volunteer service, communities of the kibbutzes and moshavs in Israel stay connected and involved for future development and shared vision.

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