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A Messianic Archive

Yad Hashmona is establishing a pioneering archive for Messianic Jewish historical documents. The vision is to collect and preserve materials of interest relating to the history of the modern Jewish believers in Yeshua in the Land of Israel.


There are a number of myths related to the modern Messianic Jewish movement, one of which is that it originated in America in the 1960s. The truth is that it originated in the mid-19th century in Jerusalem and Europe, continuing throughout the British Mandate period. 


As Zionism and ideas of nationalism spread among Jews worldwide, the idea of Yeshua as Israel’s Messiah, the Savior and Son of God, began to set roots and develop an independent identity. This period of history includes many stories:  The existence of a Jerusalem Messianic congregation, A scandalous sale of property in the heart of Jerusalem, a prominent Rabbi finding the light in Messiah Yeshua, attempts to establish theologically independent Messianic Jewish congregations throughout the land that were met with active opposition by mainstream Christians, and many others.


The archival materials consist of documents, photographs, audio and video recordings, graphical symbols, logos, seals, and much more.


“Without truthfully understanding the past, the future generations of the Messianic body in the Land will remain in confusion,” says Dr. Gershon Nerel, founder and director of the archive.


The Messianic Archive is in need of completion, creating the proper infrastructure for preserving these materials. This includes a building with proper air-conditioning, security and fire hazard systems, archive casings, and furniture. To partner with us in the preservation of these materials, click here.

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