Projects at Yad Hashmona

Hospitality on the Hill - The Yad Hashmona Country Hotel

The Logos Hotel, located at Yad HaShmona, is perched on top of the Judean mountain range 700m above sea level, surrounded by stunning views with dramatic landscapes of forested mountains, valleys and pastoral green spaces that inspire a calm and peaceful atmosphere.


‘Logos’ is the new name of the much-loved Yad HaShmona Country Hotel. It represents our desire to put the Word of God, as it is manifested so clearly from the Biblical stories and accounts that took place thousands of years ago all around us, as a pillar of truth and guidance for life, for the community as well as our guests.


In addition to the new name, Logos Hotel has undergone a range of renovations and refreshments with new bathrooms, new beds, and the addition of a newly built wing with spacious rooms boasting a contemporary and modern design.


The hotel hosts Christian groups from around the world, Israeli Messianic conferences, as well as secular Israeli tourism that includes events, seminars, weekends, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, and much more.

You are welcome to visit our hotel, eat at our Friday Brunch, celebrate your family events at our site, walk the paths of the Biblical Gardens and enjoy the welcoming presence of a living community.

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