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Empowering Together – Platform for Community Gatherings

We all live in an individualized world. Out of the desire to elevate “freedom of self” as a main expression of human rights, we forgot what it was like to be a part of a community. We prefer that no one will invade our personal space unwelcomed or interfere with our tight schedules. In the modern world, the term “community” is often a description for an online gathering of people who have nothing in common but a specific interest. These “Communities” share no accountability or face-to-face interaction and sadly kids today have adopted this mindset and sometimes know nothing else. Facebook communities, instagrams, Whatsapp groups, online games, discussion groups and virtual clubs, for some young people it’s almost the only time spent “together”.

Community according to the Bible is a “must” if we are to follow and love God and others. He created us to live in a community, to give and receive support, He calls us to act in generosity and gratitude toward others, to be kind when we see a need, and to be supported when we are weak. It humbles us and elevates us, it opens our eyes and hearts to a wider reality of the Body of Yeshua the way HE sees it.

Though it is not possible to go back in time and live in a “tribal gathering” setup, there is much we can do, not just here in Israel but everywhere believers live.

For 50 years Yad Hashmona has been a village with strong community ties, but not only internally. Many others join us and are an inherent part in all that we do. Our community is a platform for gatherings, for Holidays celebrated in the assembly, for raising kids together, for youth activities, for community farming, for supporting the elderly, for seminars and studies and much more.

It is our vision and plan to expand this village and extend its residential capacity up to 300 families.

In the changing reality of Israel today, the rising tension between Left & Right, Ultra Orthodox & Seculars, security threats from outside & within, We can empower one another and expand the call for community mindset.


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