Projects at Yad Hashmona

A Fertile Foundation - Base for Israeli Organization Operations

Due to its large and strategic location, the grounds of Yad Hashmona serve as the home to multiple organizations and ministries. That includes: The Biblical Garden tours, The Master’s College Israel Bible Extension (IBEX) program, The Home for Bible Translators, the Yuval School of the Arts, Revive Israel, Third Day Organic Farm and Discipleship Center, the Messianic Archive, the Biblical Guiding Center, the Yad Hashmona Messianic Congregation, Mo’adon La’adon Children’s Bible club, and much more.

For these activities and more to come, we need to strengthen the infrastructure of the place, to further cultivate the grounds, and invest in the basic infrastructures of our village: roads, security systems, fire systems, upgrading our current water and sewer systems, nationally required bomb shelters, electrical supply, a sports facilities for outdoor use, and more. These are basic necessities that will enable us to continue to grow and provide a strong foundation for even more organizations to use Yad Hashmona for their work.

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