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War Relief Update

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That fateful “Black Saturday” on October 7th greatly affected our entire nation. Thousands throughout the country immediately were in need of help, especially residents from Israel’s southern communities most affected by the war. With our facilities available, we have been able to host more than 150 people from the South, in the safe and secure mountains that surround Jerusalem.


These individuals were evacuated from the “second line” of communities affected by the rocket attacks, including Ein Habsor, Kfar Maimon, Mefalsim, Maagalim, Beer Ganim, Sdot Negev, and the cities of Ashkelon and Sderot. Among those seeking refuge are also believers in Yeshua. Many have experienced building damage and challenges accessing protective shelters due to distance. Among our guests are individuals with disabilities, those who have lost loved ones, and others grappling with the trauma from the attacks.


We also have many religious guests and are grateful for our Kosher kitchen as they adhere to a strictly Kosher diet. Their presence within our community is deeply significant, and we at Yad Hashmona are fully committed to fulfilling their needs. Our children and youth actively engage with them and create connections, as school schedules have been disrupted for everyone. This special bond makes their stay truly exceptional, and all express a desire to continue their stay until a solution is found with the government’s assistance. 

Providing refuge during the war

Yad Hashmona is a Jesus-believing Moshav in Israel, comprised of both Jewish Sabras (Israeli-born) and non-Jews, all of which are believers in Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel.


If you feel compelled to contribute to this cause of hosting the evacuees, your support would be greatly appreciated. Any funds donated to Yad Hashmona will be allocated exclusively for war relief efforts, covering the costs associated with these pressing needs.

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Welcoming the evacuees

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