Updates on Strengthening
Moshav Security

Bolstering Moshav Security, Strengthening Community Resilience


Thanks to your support, we were able to add additional armed guards, security cameras, and security patrols, which has become necessary given the large number of mothers, children, and evacuated families residing on the moshav. However, our bomb shelter project has experienced delays due to the security situation, as many workers are unable to enter Israel. With heightened tensions during the month of Ramadan (the Muslim holy month), many of our men not deployed in Gaza were stationed in Judea and Samaria, an area Israel is actively working to safeguard from potential hostility, with some neighboring villages located less than a mile away from us.


We pray for safety during the Passover week, as well as for the many Israelis who will be touring the country, visiting Yad Hashmona for guided tours in our Biblical Garden, and enjoying the nature reserve sites, as they usually do during Passover time.  

Update on our Brave IDF Soldiers


The majority of our men on reserve duty have returned home, while some continue to serve. This poses challenges not only for their families but also for their workplaces, as many hold positions that are difficult to fill temporarily. Those not serving in the IDF gather frequently to discuss the necessary security measures for Yad Hashmona.


Many of the younger guys, currently on active duty, are awaiting Israel’s decision on whether to continue the operation in Gaza. Some of them are stationed in the north of Israel, where numerous rockets have struck, destroying buildings and homes.


It remains uncertain whether another war front will erupt in the North. Currently, there are over 100,000 evacuees from over 60 towns and villages in northern Israel.


Yad Hashmona has been actively hosting soldier gatherings, commander meetings, and conferences for Messianic believers in the military. Additionally, we’ve welcomed families of men on reserve duty who have been away from home for extended periods, providing them with a time of refreshment with two nights at Yad Hashmona.


Our prayers are for peace to be restored to Israel’s borders and for all citizens and soldiers to safely return to their homes and lives after this difficult year.

Challenges Amidst Closure: Navigating Work Disruptions


Israel has closed all entry from the Palestinian Territories into Israel, out of fear of further terror attacks. This means Palestinians who have been working with us are unable to enter, leaving many of our recent projects standing and unable to move forward. This includes building projects, roads, infrastructure, and more. Since many of the workers of these companies come from Judea and Samaria, the projects are waiting. We are praying for peace and for the faithful team of Palestinians who have been working at Yad Hashmona for many years to return to work, and for the situation to stabilize. We keep in close contact with them even though the situation is tense.

Help provide refuge during the war

Any funds donated to Yad Hashmona will be allocated exclusively to war relief efforts: hosting the evacuees at Yad Hashmona, adding the needed bomb shelters, securing the path around the Moshav and continuing with our community service.  

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