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Yad Hashmona is a growing community (moshav) of believers in Yeshua (Jesus) set in the Judean Hills of Israel. Founded in 1971, and settled in 1974, by Finnish Christians, later joined by pioneering Israeli believers, it is a small but diverse community made up of local and international families and individuals. The addition of Christian volunteers f rom around the world and American Bible College students in the “IBEX” program, creates a wonderful combination that has been experienced and treasured by thousands of visitors, Internationals and Israelis alike.

Surrounded by the Judean hills, the Biblical “Kiryat Jearim”, the Maale Hachamisha kibbutz, Abu Gosh and “Har Haruach” (mountain of winds) to the north, the pastoral landscape of Yad Hashmona inspires a calm and peaceful lifestyle in the midst of a growing and developing community. Fr om the top of the hill, the open coastal view all the way to the Mediterranean Sea opens before you, and at night the lights of the towns on the plains can be seen glistening all the way to Tel Aviv.

The area is surrounded by green groves and woods, hilltops and valleys, and neighbors many ancient and modern villages. Visitors who come to this village often mention the unforgettable sense of spiritual rejuvenation they experience during their stay.

The property is also home to the Yad Hashmona Country Hotel and restaurant, the Biblical Garden, a bakery, stables, and various ministry offices, and the homes of business professionals, artists, historians, and multiple tour guides of various languages.

The children of Yad Hashmona attend a variety of local schools, f rom kindergarten to high school, and also enjoy a variety of hobbies including sports and music. Our young adults serve in the IDF before going on to university or other career training programs.

As we grow, we look forward to more people coming and experiencing life with us here at Yad Hashmona, either as hotel guests, activity participants, volunteers, or visitors.

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