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Study Programs at:
Biblical Village Yad Hashmona

We offer tailor-made seminars, courses and workshops for tourists, pilgrims and students of all ages from different backgrounds, such as: educational institutions, churches, businesspersons and industrial laborers.

As Messianic Jews, believing in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah Son of God, we focus on the biblical message of the Old and New Testaments. Our unique perspective and lively conversations concentrate on the Land of the Bible - its history, the contemporary situation, language and peoples. Throughout our sessions we highlight the prophetic end-time events that take place in our times as well as those that are still ahead of us.

Alongside lectures and symposia organized at indoor classes, we
also have open-air studies, including discussion groups, mainly at the beautiful sites of the Biblical Village.

Our curriculum includes a variety of topics mostly within five
categories, as follows:

  • Through Life – Agriculture and Daily Activities in Biblical
  • Through HistoryThe Movement of Jewish Believers in Yeshua (JBY)
  • Through Culture – Artistic Creativity and Craftsmanship in Antiquity
  • Through Language – Modern Hebrew in Context and Song
  • Through Plants – Symbolical Features of Trees in the Bible


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